Other stuff

Following my curiosity is second nature, so sometimes I end up making new things. For example, this portfolio website (Github, Firebase, JavaScript, VistualStudio Code)! I also enjoy digital painting; there's lots to learn about mood, theme and cohesion. Sometimes it’s also fun to experiment with Unity and other tools just to see what I can come up with.

Silly Dogs

Silly Dogs was an NFT project I created with the aim of raising money for animal rescues across the USA. You can find the website here. My goal was to find a way to leverage NFT's in a way that might benefit our four-legged friends.

Like other NFT projects, Silly Dogs uses a verified smart contract to automatically create NFT's for buyers. This particular network MATIC uses a system called 'proof of stake' which does not consume very much electricity (which is a concern for 'proof of work' crypocurrencies).

After some reflection, I decided not to launch "Silly Dogs". My reservations stemmed from an uncertainty about whether this avenue was the most effective and appropriate means to make a lasting impact for animals in need.

I created 10,000 unique silly dogs - with some very special variants. They were generated out of a variety of layers and components. I stored them on IPFS so they were kept decentralized, and could not be taken from their owners without their consent - so the dogs could always be online and be silly.

Flappy Dreggo

This is a video of "Flappy Dreggo" which you can try here. At Dapper Labs, I spent some of my time exploring how to manifest NFT's in different experiences. Flappy Dreggo was a proof of concept I came up with & created in C# and Unity leveraging a special edition CryptoKitty. I don't put C# or Unity high on my list of skills so your mileage may vary!

The long term goal with Flappy Dreggo was to enable users to import their CryptoKitties. As each CryptoKitty has unique characteristics, these could be leveraged to influence the game (different backgrounds, flapping mechanics, game mechanics etc).

MGUX branding

MGUX branding 1
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Digital painting

MGUX digital painting home
MGUX digital painting tiger
MGUX digital painting 1
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MGUX digital painting 9
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Small projects

MGUX small project 1
MGUX small project 2
MGUX small project 3